Laptop Power Problems

If your laptop has a broken power socket it can eventually cause more  serious damage to your laptop motherboard and or, other components in your laptop computer. Ignoring any of the below listed symptoms and continuing to manage to use it without repairing the dc socket could end up costing you dearly.

Common causes of power socket breaking is a result of being tripped over too many times. Moreover, after a period of time some power sockets just come loose and break off the motherboard. Over the years we have seen loose/broken power sockets arcing  

Symptoms of a broken laptop power jack:

What will we do?

We will strip your laptop apart to the point where we can remove the existing power connector.

If we find any additional damage around the location of the connector which is not covered by our fixed price repair we will

inform you. If at this stage you do not wish to proceed with the

repair we will reassemble the laptop without performing any

further work. A fee of £20.00 inclusive of VAT will be charged for

the work performed.

Following the replacement of the connector we will reassemble your laptop and thoroughly test the repair carried out

The repair will be covered with a 6 month warranty for natural failure it does not cover the repair for missus of equipment.